Paper & Board Weights

Paper is classified by weight in gsm (grams per square metre), as an example copier paper is usually 80gsm.  Carton board, the generic name given to boards widely used in the retail packaging industry, is measured in microns (micrometres, 1000ths of a millimetre).  The thickness of a board can be gauged by the number of ply (layers) it is made up from.

Selecting the right weight, quality and finish for your print can be critical to the end result and the feel that you are trying to create. We would be happy to discuss your project with you, guide you with our recommendations and send out samples and dummies where appropriate.

We have designed a swatch book of our house papers in different weights and finishes. Please get in touch on 01628 810523 or email to request a copy, we would be delighted to post one out to you as a handy reference.

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