Hot Foiling

What is hot foiling?

Hot foiling is the process of using heat and pressure to apply metallic foil to materials such as papers and carton board.


What is hot foiling used for in Print?

The finishing technique of hot foiling is used to embellish paper or board, picking out areas with a metallic or smooth matt finish.

It began as real gold leaf. Over the years this has developed and foils are now mostly made of aluminium and tin, there is now a wide range of metallic foil available, there is also foil with a matt or holographic/pearlescent/mirrored effect. Colours range from golds and silvers, to blacks and whites, to neons and pastels or simply a clear. Most frequently we are foiling sheets of printed paper or board, however it is not uncommon apply foil directly onto a coloured or creative board with no print.


Foiling Machines

Although a method that is over 100 years old, technologies have advanced during this time. Machines now make light work of a process that would have been very labour intensive and far less accurate. Our Heidelberg SBG Cylinder Foiling Machine at Hartgraph allows us to pass flat sheets, printed or unprinted, through efficiently to enable foiling to high quantities. With so many variables and a different set up for every job that runs through, running this machine requires experience and skill, our operators have just that.



Why Choose Hot Foiling

Hot foil offers a level of bright, mirror-like metallic finishes that cannot be achieved through print. Foil adds a luxurious, high quality, eye-catching finish.


Hot Foiling and the Environment

This flexible application is solvent-free, most are Vegan but please check with us if this is of importance to you. Foils are recyclable, repulpable and compostable.

Foiling is a great way to add a luxury look to your brochures, cartons, stationery and so much more. Talk to us about colour matching to print or viewing samples of foil, call today on 01628 810523.

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