Folding carton gluing machines are sophisticated machines that will enable us to produce bespoke premium folded cartons in a highly economic and efficient manner. When operated, by skilled workers, these machines allow for high processing quality and consistency.  All jobs require different run speeds due to the nature of the work, when running at full capacity the machine can output 200,000 cartons per hour, although we do of course process much smaller runs than this.

The folder/gluer machine transforms a flat paper or board into a finished product such as a carton or envelope. As a die-cut and creased blank runs through the folder-gluer, it passes a selection of specifically adjusted guides and rotary hooks. Other devices then fold the panels to their required positions whilst the adhesive systems apply cold glue or hot-melt adhesive to the relevant positions.

Once the blank has been folded and glued, it is placed under pressure to enable the adhesive to cure before leaving the machine. Utilising a highly sophisticated control system, the machine will track the transformation of this blank. In conjunction with this blank run, the machines quality assurance equipment will be programmed to reject any product that does not conform to the same criteria of the blank.

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