Hot Foiling - Stand out from the crowd

Posted by Hartgraph

Foil For All Occasions

Although traditionally known for high gloss metallics, matt finish foils are now equally as popular.  But, if you are looking for something a bit more exciting there are a range of special effects which include holographic and textured finishes. 

Transparent foils can also be effective and offer a great alternative to UV Varnish, they can have a gloss or matt finish and will not soak into uncoated paper in the same way.

Creative Papers

Foiling is a great way of laying words and branding onto coloured papers.  It can also be used on textured papers allowing some very creative finishes; however, it is worth considering that the smoother the surface of the paper the sharper the finish will be.

Foil embellished papers are fully recyclable, re-pulpable and biodegradable.

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