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The print, finishing and packaging of game cards has become a specialist niche for Hartgraph.  With our unique list of finishing equipment, we can beautifully print, auto-collate and ram punch cards in house.  We can then neatly band the cards and pack.  We have a team that specialise in the print and construction of cartons and boxes, who can support where required.  We are always happy to support in making dummies up to check sizing, capacity and structure.

The ram punch machine allows us to perfectly punch each card from a template, meaning that every card will be the same size and have perfectly clean edges.  This machine also allows rounder corners and shaped cards such as hearts or stars.  Our collator will ensure that all packs have the correct contents.

All work that we undertake is bespoke, we can print any quantity and any type of carton.

We welcome clients to our offices and factory, why not utilise our client area whilst you press pass your job.

To request a quote for game cards or any other print or packaging our online quote request form will help to guide you through the specification process, or if you would prefer then call us on 01628 810523.

"Got the invites – they look lovely. That house has come out really well – how you guys got that detail is beyond me. Thank you! Think I'll be laser cutting everything from now on."
"With thanks to you and the Team for recent excellent work with the Road to Wimbledon different print and design. The Photo Diary has really come out well and will be used extensively in India, China, Hong Kong as well as UK."
"I just received the cards/stickers at home and just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for going the extra mile to help us today. I honestly can't thank you enough and look forward to working with you in future projects."
"Beautiful guys. I LOVE the Hartgraph touch – that's a perfect solution. I will let them know it's YOUR GIFT."
"May I take this opportunity to say a big thanks to all those involved in the publication’s production – I am proud of it and hope you are too!"
"The AR brochure looks pretty perfect to me! Brilliant print and finishing job so thanks to all of you in making it look wonderful - I knew I could trust you!."

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