We offer a diverse range of print packaging products that are all finished in our Amersham based factory. All our work is bespoke and custom designed to our client’s requirements.

With decades of experience within the print and packaging industry, we offer a full turnkey service from creative packaging design to final product delivery. Our knowledge, customer service and high quality control provides clients with the confidence that their products will be delivered on time and to the highest standard.

Whatever stage you are at with your job we can tailor our service. Clients may involve us at an early stage of the project often presenting us with the product so that we can design the structure. Plain samples can be made to ensure that the packaging is fit for purpose. We can also create fully finished digitally printed samples prior to the production run when required.

Packaging Explained

How to Measure a Carton

It is important that measurements are discussed in the correct order, this way misunderstandings can be avoided.

  1. Width i.e. panel on which the lid is hinged
  2. Depth the second measurement of the aperture
  3. Height the distance from top opening to bottom opening

Carton Types

Reverse Tuck (RTE) the closure panels on the top and bottom swing in opposite directions, this style tens be more economical as you can often plan more up on a sheet.

Parallel Tuck (PTE) this style is used often in cosmetics; the carton is designed so that when you are looking at the product on the shelf you see no tuck or glue flap.

Crash Lock this gives a strong base and can save time  packing. This carton construction utilises some gluing during construction.

Envelope Lock this is another sturdy construction, however less expensive than crash lock. Suitable for smaller runs.

Skillets these are a side seamed carton with open ends that form a rectangular sleeve. These are often used for food or pharmaceutical packaging that needs to be tamper proof.

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