Naomi from Antalis talks Cyclus

Posted by: Natalie Stubbs - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Naomi Shelley, Paper Merchant, Antalis

It is hard to choose a favourite paper when there are so many unusual and creative options that can really lift a project to a new level.  However, there is one paper, which for me is outstanding in so many ways. Cyclus is 100% recycled, made from post-consumer waste offering a lovely soft warm shade.  Every sheet sold has been carefully chosen by the designer or the brand owner to compliment their design and/or strengthen their environmental message. 

Cyclus is a fine paper for both litho and digital printing, it is incredible versatile and can be embossed, foiled, die cut, folded and takes a variety of ink beautifully including metallic and fluorescent. 

Interestingly the mill in France collects a tonne of waste from the UK for every 750kgs they sell back to us, so it's a closed loop process.  You can include information on your print about the savings you have made in terms of water, trees, greenhouse gases/CO2, energy and landfill using the environmental benefit statement, which calculates it for you based on your paper requirements.

It is a paper that gets specified for such a wide range of projects, you never know what you will see printed on it next, that's why I love it!