Experts in Print Packaging

Posted by: Natalie Stubbs - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Packaging has always been a part of our business, however, with the introduction of further expert staff and new specialist machinery we can now offer a more comprehensive service inhouse.  Engage us early in a project to take advantage of our expertise.

We provide bespoke packaging solutions to many different areas of business; from high end beauty products to ornamental candles and drinks bottle cartons to creative promotional packaging.

Using our resource of knowledge and machinery we can help you to create beautiful, functional printed packaging.  With every job being bespoke we can support you in making sure that your carton is fit for purpose; does it stand well on a shelf, is the structure strong enough for the product, have you chosen the best type of fold, will it require an anti-mould coating to the inner?

Depending on the print run and finishing required we can print using either our litho or digital press.  Each has a purpose, the litho press is great for longer runs, heavier stocks, creating consistent and special colours. The digital press allows for personalisation, smaller print runs at a competitive price and a faster turnaround.

We are committed to sustainability and can work with you to ensure that materials are certified recycled where-ever necessary. Call us today to discuss your next project 01628 810523.